Newspaper Ad Targeting Muslims Causes Concern

A Texoma preacher is preparing sermons targeted against Islam, and he's letting everyone know.  A Newschannel 6 viewer called us about a newspaper ad the preacher's church, the Iowa Park Church of Christ, is running, and that ad is sparking some outrage from Texoma residents and Muslims.

"I was going through the paper on Sunday and I saw the ad that was printed in regards to Islam verses Christianity," said Wichita Falls resident Garry Lyon.

Section A page 5 bottom right hand corner, it's not easy to miss, the letters are bold and clear "Islam verses Christianity" that ad has residents like Lyon concerned.

"I'm neither.  I have no stake in Christianity or Muslims but to espouse hate I think is absolutely wrong," said Lyon.

The ad features 5 weeks of sermons lasting throughout the month of October to be ministered by Iowa Park Church Of Christ preacher Bill Lockwood, he feels the need to tell people what he believes the Quran teaches.

"It is a religion of aggressive violence.  The Quran itself teaches the beheading of people it teaches to push religious beliefs with the sword," said Lockwood.

Texoma Muslim leader Abdullah Shamsid-Deen disagrees.

"Islam is not a threat to America.  Islam is the religion from the same God of the creator of all of the human families," said Shamsid-Deen.

He says Islam teaches love and not hate and that Muslims are no different from any other human being.

"We raise our families we take care of our families.  We are involved in all the other things that the average American citizen is involved in," said Shamsid-Deen.

No matter what others may say, Lockwood will preach to his congregation on his take of the Islam religion and through that he hopes the Bible shines through.

"The bible is really a beautiful book and it becomes even more so when you compare it with
a world religion," Lockwood said.

A religion that Shamsid-Deen says welcomes unbelievers and one that in his view is often misinterpreted.

Abdullah Shamsid-Deen says he welcomes any people who want to learn more about the Islam religion to come to the local Mosque on Trigg Lane.

Bill Lockwood says he would welcome a discussion about the Islam faith with Muslims.

Crystal Hall, Newschannel 6.