ATM Stolen In San Antonio

ATM thefts are on the rise in Texas.  The latest case happened in San Antonio. A stolen truck slammed into a store, and then the two men loaded the ATM up and drove away, all in under a minute.

The San Antonio police are investigating this ATM theft and a series of others, trying to find out if they are related in any way.

"We've talked with the detectives to see if there's any correlation between this overnight ATM theft and others that have recently happened, and there doesn't seem to be any kind of link or correlation but we're certainly going to continue to look into that," said San Antonio Police Department Spokeswoman Sandy Gutierrez.

A short time after the break-in, police located the stolen truck, and yesterday morning the ATM was found.

An employee working inside the store when the incident happened quickly disappeared to hide in an aisle and was not hurt.

In Wichita Falls there have been at least three attempted ATM heists this year.