DPS Trooper Killed in Head on Collision

56-year-old Corporal David Slaton died Monday night when his patrol car hit a cow. The impact of that crash forced him into oncoming traffic on U.S. 81. Slaton's patrol car was hit by a semi- truck. That accident happened two miles South of Ringgold.

Corporal Slaton is survived by his wife and son and the Texoma community. Slaton had been with the DPS in Bowie, protecting our citizens for over 30 years.

Corporal David Slaton was on routine patrol last Monday night in Bowie at 10:42pm a 9-1-1 call was made into Montague County.

"He was traveling northbound on U.S. 81 apparently he struck a cow which caused his vehicle to go into the southbound lane when that happened he and a tractor truck a semi truck hit head on," said Tony Fulton, PIO, Department of Public Safety.

According to Trooper Fulton it was more than one cow that provoked the accident.

"There were 3 dead cows here at the scene so there are 3 cows that were struck at least 1 of them by Corporal Slaton and 1 by the truck we don't know about the other," said Trooper Fulton.

Corporal Slaton served with the DPS in Bowie since 1974, but he wasn't just a coworker for most.

"He was a fountain of knowledge for young troopers who were starting he was someone they could go to they could seek advice from he was just a good example for those young troopers," said Trooper Fulton.

Corporal Slaton served the last moments of his life doing what he did best, protecting the citizens of Bowie. He will be missed, but the legacy of his 36 years with the DPS will live on through those who know him.

"All of DPS is grieving at this time so Corporal Slaton was a fine young man, a fine trooper and this is a tragic and severe lost for us," said Trooper Fulton.

Trooper Fulton told Newschannel 6 charges could be filed against the person who owns the cattle. He tells us that depends on how many times -- if any -- the cows have gotten out before this incident and what shape the fence was in.

The Texas Highway Patrol Crash Investigation Team is leading the investigation. Newschannel 6 will stay on top of this story as they begin to piece together more answers.

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel 6