Golf Course Owners Continue to Look for Buyers

The tax increase wasn't the hot topic on Tuesday at the Bowie city council meeting.  A proposal that the city is considering to purchase the Bowie Golf Club took center stage.

More than half a dozen residents voiced their opinion, those that spoke said it was an exceptional course that just needed some updating, but not everybody agreed.

The room was full and filled with golf lovers, even a golf coach, one who pleaded his case to the council.

"I am lucky to have a course so close to the school.  We go there everyday," said Coach Horton with Bowie ISD.

He wanted the council to consider purchasing the Bowie Golf Club for the sake of the students who use it to practice, but not everybody agreed.

"I am not for this, it's going to take tax dollars, and a lot of maintenance," said resident LeWayne Jones.
Jones was the only Bowie resident to speak against the city purchasing the local golf course that's been around since the 60's.  His words would in turn reach through to council members.

"The revenue is difficult to raise, it would have to be done by bonds, we don't have the revenue for that," said Bowie Mayor Larry Cox.

Don Marlow, a citizen representing those who want the city to buy the golf club, presented his case to council to consider buying the club, but in the end, councilors refused.

"It needs some repairs but the city can do those incrementally without spending a lot of money," said Marlow.

The owners of the course live in California and have been unable to keep up with the maintenance it of it, so they were looking for the city to solve their problems, yet heir ideas weren't on par with the councilors votes.

Despite the votes from council, those residents in favor of giving new life to the club will continue to look for other avenues to keep it alive.

Also discussed at the Bowie city council meeting was the tax rate.  Councilors approved an 8 percent property tax increase.  On a $100,000 home, it's an increase of $26.17.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6