Young County Ready to Dip into Reserve Funds

The fiscal year is coming to an end and Newschannel 6 is asking Young County about why they are dipping into their reserve funds.

The county auditor and treasurer say there has been a short fall in sales tax and revenues are down.

They're asking commissioners to approve a transfer from the reserve fund to the operating fund.

Young County Treasurer Charlotte Farmers told us, "At this point we've completed our payroll for the fiscal year 2010 therefore we won't need money again for that til mid October and I'm thinking that we probably need at least $150,000 from reserve to put into the general to pay for any outstanding encumbrances that come in."

Farmers says this will help pay off any outstanding utilities bills, travel and office supplies.

Both the county auditor and treasurer will present the transfer to the Commissioners Court for a vote on Monday.