Rep. Neugebauer Talks About "Pledge to America"

The GOP is pushing a bold new strategy. House Republicans introduced the "Pledge to America" this week.

Texas Dist. 19 Republican Congressman Randy Neugebauer held a conference call Friday to discuss the new platform. In a one-on-one call with Newschannel 6, the Congressman commented on what the pledge means to Texomans.

"Part of this pledge," he said. "is really about a new direction of governing." Neugebauer said he feels Congress has overstepped the authority granted it by the U.S. Constitution. Part of the pledge calls for citations in all new bills that indicate where the Constitution allows Congress to make particular laws. The pledge also calls for at least three days for legislators to read bills before voting.

Neugebauer also cast blame toward the current administration and Democratic Congressional leadership for the current economic conditions. The Congressman said he believes the country is still in a recession. Neugebauer said out-of-control spending and pending tax hikes have businesses too worried to invest.

Neugebauer said allowing Bush-era tax cuts to expire would be a job killer for Texoma and all of America.

Highlights of the Pledge to America also include:

-Requiring congressional approval for all deficit-expanding federal regulations.

-Allowing tax deductions for 20% of small-business income.

-Repealing and replacing the health care overhaul.

-Reducing non-discretionary spending to 2008 levels.

-Establishing caps to limit federal spending.