Weekend Events Bring in Funds for Montague County Children

Montague County is seeing a crisis unfold within the community, all because of meth.

More children are being taken from their homes and sent to foster care or family based services.

Because of the overwhelming number The Montague County Child Welfare Board planned two big events this month, one that took place on Sunday.

One event took place last weekend in Nocona, it was a concert and silent auction that raised $16,000 for the organization, and today's Ranch Rodeo event in Bowie is hoping to pull in even more.

Saddled up and ready to go teams from four states put on their cowboy attire and competed in Bowie's Ranch Rodeo.

"It has been great," said Clint Brown with The Montague County Child Welfare Board.  "A little weather yesterday but in spite of that a large crowd."

That's exactly what the city was looking for.  The riding and roping event was put together to raise funds for the organization.

"Funds to support children with health, educational, social, economic.  Whatever we can do to benefit the children," Brown said.

Sunday's rodeo was the second weekend in a row the organization strived to provide resources for the more than 120 children they serve.  That number has doubled from last year, so their resources are becoming scarce.

"We have a critical situation in Montague County, a real crisis has developed with abused and neglected children," he said.

Meth is the underlining problem.  The county is working to combat the issue, one that has taken more than 100 children away from their homes, and one that has also brought a community together.

"We think the response has been overwhelming."

Clint Brown says both events are held once a year to provide the necessary funds for the organization.

It needs at least $20,000 to $30,000.  They do expect to reach their goal.

The Montague County Child Welfare board is comprised of 15 volunteers appointed by county commissioners.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6