Foster Parent Shortages in Texas

Texas is one of many states across the US that is facing a shortage in foster parents. That's forcing abused and neglected children to pack into state facilities.

However, one Texoma family is a true inspiration for anyone considering fostering, this family has been fostering kids for more than 30 years.

Roger and Becky Sanford have fostered more than a 100 children since they became foster parents- adopting 3 children from that group into their family. Even though state fostering guidelines have changed dramatically over the years, the Sanford's don't plan on quitting anytime soon.

"We get all the blessings we get all the fun part we get to have all of those precious little babies at home and love them and take care of them," said Becky Sanford, Foster Parent.

Becky Sanford says she always wanted to be mom, and for 34  years  Becky and Roger have made their family grow by fostering children. Having a family of 6 to 8 in their home at all times.

They specialize in fostering children who need medical care, taking care of those with HIV, Down Syndrome, Autism and burn victims.

"I think you its better to have a stay at home mom when you're trying to do the medical stuff because you have a lot of complications and trips to Dallas or Ft Worth most of fragile babies from Wichita County are the babies we have either go to cooks hospital in Ft Worth or to Dallas children," said Becky.

Their time together is never certain, but that doesn't take away from the strong bonds formed.

"Some of them come for 2 days others you know and then they're gone some of them stay as long as a year or 20 years if you adopt them, " said Roger Sanford, Foster Parent.

Nurses have been a great help recently, but it's their children's support that keeps them going.

"They've never known anything else, it's just part of our life and who we are," said Becky.

The Sanford's believe that the number of foster parents dropping could be due to the fact that guidelines have become more strict over the years. However,  they encourage parents in the Texoma area to take on the challenge and make a positive impact on a child's life.

CPS along with Caring Family Network are some of the agencies in the Wichita Falls area where more information about being a foster parent or adopting can be found.

Samantha Jordán,  Newschannel Six.