Texoma Courthouse Under Restoration Makeover

A Texoma courthouse is getting some major renovations.  It's a $2 million facelift for the Hardeman County Courthouse.

The county received that money at the beginning of the year to restore their 100 plus year-old courthouse, and last month construction began.

The county received the money from the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program which was established by the Texas Legislature back in 1999.  It provides money to county courthouses for renewal.  The grant Hardeman County received was for restoring the outside of the building.

"The courthouse is the center of the county,"said County Judge Ronald Ingram.  "It's the center of Quanah, the community."

They hope it stays that way.  With round the clock renovations county officials wait in anticipation for the scaffolding to disappear and for a more beautiful, restore courthouse to emerge.

"We've got to preserve the courthouse, not just for ourselves, but for our kids so they have a place to have their legal matters taken care of, their records stored, county government to survive," said Ingram.

He grew up in Quanah and has fond memories of the building.

"My dad was sheriff here for 28 years and when I was a kid his office was in this building," he said.

Now so is his.  With $2 million worth of restoration the courthouse that opened back in
1908 will be renovated to restore the structure to it's original look.

"New windows, new doors, new roof, rebuilding the top, and a new mortar," he said.

With 101 windows to replace and the rebuilding of the exterior it's going to take time to complete.

"We've had some problems with dust and some different issues since we started, but nothing we haven't been able to work out," Ingram said.

It's only a matter of months until the hammers are put way and a new restored courthouse appears.

"I think we're going to have a building that people can be proud of."

The Texas Historic Committee is footing 85 percent of the bill, 15 percent of it will have to be paid for by the county, which totals out to be $340,000.

The scheduled finish date is March of 2011.  In April they plan on having a rededication of the courthouse.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6