75 People Involved in Toddler Birthday Brawl

Seventy-five people got into a brawl at a birthday bash.

Ohio police say alcohol fueled the fight. It started between the birthday girls father and her mothers boyfriend.

But it quickly escalated into a melee, where police say broken beer bottles injured more than a dozen people.

Authorities say the first responders had to wait for back up before they entered the three-year-old's party.

"They actually had to wait until they got back up there in order to make entry because there were so many people throwing bottles and chairs so they had to actually wait," Chief William Peskin said.

Seven police departments were called in to get the fight under control.

Emergency crews transported five people to the hospital, four of whom have been released.

Children's services are conducting a separate investigation from the police, since there were about 30 kids at the party.