Brawl Breaks Out At Pee-Wee Football Game

Some pee-wee football players in Texas are looking for new role models after adults got into a fight on the sidelines.  The fight was all caught on tape.

The brawl pitted coaches from both of the teams against each other.  It all started when one of the teams from Pearland was scoring a touchdown; two players began to scuffle and a coach tried to separate them.  What followed was an all out brawl.

"I can't believe the coaches did that in front of us, because that just sets a bad example for us," said team member Justin Guy-Robinson

One of the teams was going for first place but now the league's executive board has decided to ban the two teams from any post-season play.  Tonight the league's executive board will meet to discuss the incident.  Parents and players plan to attend to try and convince the board to change its ruling.