Estray Livestock in Texoma

Estray livestock is a huge problem in North Texas.

Chief Deputy Jack Curd of Archer County said  calls about animals account for 50% of the calls received at the sheriffs department.

"Since January the first we've had 385 different calls for livestock either cows, goats, horses or donkeys running wild. We've had 20 this week and already one today and it just takes up the majority of our time," said Chief Deputy Curd.

The consequences of livestock on the roads can be deadly. Texoma is mourning the loss of a DPS trooper killed in a crash in Montague County. A crash that would never have happened if cattle hadn't been loose on the highway.

"Bad fences on highways that's probably the worst problem we have but you know we also have criminals cut locks and go into peoples places and leave their gates wide open," said Chief Deputy Curd.

And owners be warned if your animals gets lose you will pay the consequences.

"A person could be civilly responsible for anything that happens, you know if someone hits a cow and dies they could be responsible for the damages and for the civil liability of it," said Chief Deputy Curd.

However, in the end its all about working together to ensure everyone's safety.

"The worst thing is to pass up a cow on the road and not call because the next person may not see it and hit them and could turn out to be a deadly situation," said Chief Deputy Curd.

If livestock is found running loose, and the owner cannot be identified the animals will be impounded.  Officials say it could cost as much at $1,600 to recover the animals. The fees cover feeding, housing and caring for the livestock.

Officials ask that livestock owners keep all information updated with their sheriff's office. Troopers say more than one cow was involved in the crash that killed corporal Slaton.

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel 6