Former Nurse Behind Bars

A former nurse is behind bars on Wednesday. 28 year old Billie Jean Stone is accused of calling in fake prescriptions to pharmacies in Wichita falls.

Pharmacies in Texoma and around the country have strict regulations for calling in medications. A national survey released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Services Administration, says the amount of prescription drug abuse rose over the last year. That's why protocols are in place. Yet, Nurse Stone knew the system and police say she used it to her advantage.

When most medical offices are shutting down for the day, a prescription for Hydrocodone was called into the Walmart on Greenbrier Road.

The caller claimed that she worked in a doctor's office, and even had the specific code that confirmed her involvement with the medical community.

Yet something looked suspicious to the pharmacy workers and they called the office to confirm the prescription. That's when the pharmacy found out that the order was a fake and they called the Wichita Falls Organized Crime Unit.

Meanwhile, police say Billie Jean Stone, a former nurse, went to the Walmart and instead of getting the Hydrocodone, she was placed in handcuffs.

But this isn't the first time Stone got in trouble. Just two weeks ago, on the 13th, Stone found herself in a similar situation after allegedly placing another fraud prescription at the Walgreens on Southwest Parkway. This time it was for the drug Soma, which is a muscle relaxer and Norco.

To help prevent fraud, the Department of Justice has a Pharmacist's guide. The number one characteristic? If the handwriting on the prescription is too legible.

Stone faces 2 counts of fraud which is a 3rd degree felony. If convicted, she faces a maximum of 10 years in prison per fraud charge.

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6.