Texoma Retailers Hiring for the Holidays

Even though the holidays are still months away, it's not stopping Texoma retailers from hiring.  In fact there are a few that are getting way ahead of the game.

Best Buy and Target are looking and even hiring for the season.  They want to be stocked and ready before November comes around.

Inside Target and Best Buy shoppers are already in the buying mood.

"We'll actually be looking at the quantities of the items we'll be getting in," said Target store team leader, Kerry Beaver.

They're looking for a steal and two months from now when black Friday rolls around
they'll be more than enough to around.

"Anything from TV's to software to game consoles to you name it," said Best Buy store manager, Shaun Crenshaw.

In order to get everything stocked and ready to go, retailers are looking to fill
seasonal jobs, now.

"We're looking for anybody on the sales floor, we're also looking for anybody to help us out
on the front check lanes, customer service.  Pretty much everywhere throughout the building," said Crenshaw.

Target is also on the lookout, though not hiring now they are accepting applications.  By the middle of October most, but not all seasonal employees will be hard at work.

"We hire mostly teams for the stock room as we start receiving more holiday freight in early
October," said Beaver.

They expect to hire about 25 to 30 new employees with hopes of keeping some of those around with part time and full time positions.

"A lot of our seasonal hires end up staying on with us after the holidays," said Beaver.

Same goes with Best Buy as they intend to hire a crew of 20 to 30 people.  We're still
a month away from Halloween, but it's fair to say that retailers are already in the holiday spirit.

Those interested in seasonal work should start applying now.  Target and Best Buy are not the only retailers hiring, in fact nationwide Toys "R" Us plans on hiring 45,000 seasonal employees.

Both retailers say they are on par from previous years with a normal hiring holiday season.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6.