Special Teams: Band

It's week five of high school football in Texoma, and already we've seen the influence special teams have on the game day experience.  From cheers, to food, to injury prevention, special teams have a lot to offer.  This week Newschannel 6 takes a look at one of the proudest -- and loudest --special teams.
Before the sun even rises, you can find the 'Big Red Band from Coyote Land' on the practice field four days a week. A two-hour night rehearsal on Tuesdays on top of that may sound crazy, but for band members, that's just how it is.

"There's a lot to it.  It's a lifestyle, really," said senior Drum Major Patrick Stevens.

Old High Band Director Justin Lewis and his band have been working on their halftime show since August 1st -- the same day the football players started practice.  He says most people probably don't recognize what it takes to learn drills.

"They have to not only go from point A to point B, they have to go different sized steps, they have to go with the music, and the whole time they have to play their instrument, which is physically demanding," he said.

Every half-time show is essentially a dress rehearsal for the band, as it prepares for UIL contest.  But band members also do what they can to show their fanhood during the games.

"The football team will look up and see us dancing, and they'll know, 'There are people behind us.  We're supported,'" said Anna Gonzalez, a French Horn player.

"Listenin' to the drum cadences in the stands, dancin' along, and when we play in the stands, seein' all the parents and everyone else that's not even involved in band turnin' around to watch us," Stevens said.

Gonzalez says they get a lot of help with the music from their directors, but when they're not available, they turn to their peers for help.

"We're kind of more of a family than you could say a team, because we come together.  We started off in the summer not knowing each other, but then we come together and its like a family.  We'll help each other no matter what," she said.

Even though they don't put points on the scoreboard, you can always count on this special team to be wherever the football team is.

"Away games, home games.  It's always there.  To me it's at least as important if not more important than the football team, makin' it a great addition to the Friday night!" Stevens said.

Spencer Blake, Newschannel 6