MSU Business Students Create Marketing Campaign for Chevy

Select students at Midwestern State University's Business School are getting the opportunity of a lifetime.

Thirty-one senior level business students are putting together a 'real-world' marketing campaign for the Red River Chevy Dealers Association.  The task is centered around the new Chevy Cruze and because the car is aimed at young adults, the Red River Chevy Dealers turned to the Dillard College of Business.

Robert Forrester, President of Red River Chevy Dealers, and an Assistant Professor at MSU is always looking for ways to enhance opportunities for his students.

"The idea came about that we can have the opportunity to launch a new vehicle and use the university to launch that vehicle," said Forrester.

The vehicle is the new 2011 Chevy Cruze.  It's already being sold in Europe and is finding its way into the North American market.

This is a chance to change a traditional lecture course into a full hand's on experience.  The first step, was to find the teacher.

"The perfect person was Jackie Hoegger," he said.

Hoegger teaches the course twice a week.  She says she's never been more excited to be a professor.

"It's so great to watch this through the eyes of these marketing seniors," said Hoegger, an MSU Adjunct Professor.

Students have already come up with a variety of different ideas, using print, TV, and online venues as a starting point.

"It's a way for us to balance traditional and non-traditional marketing to get to this demographic, to make the 2011 Chevy Cruze a house hold name in the area," she said.

Students have until the middle of November to put together a cohesive campaign and present it to the Red River Chevy Dealers.

The 31 Dillard College of Business students are not alone.  This is a competition, they're competing as a class against Cameron University in Lawton for the best way to promote the vehicle.   Red River Chevy Dealers will market the winning campaign.  The University that wins will also receive an unknown prize.

The Chevy Cruze came off the assembly line in September and will soon make it's way to Texoma dealerships in the next few weeks.