New Supreme Court Justice Sits First Day on the Bench

The nation's highest court is officially kicking off its new term Monday with a brand new justice.

But Justice Elena Kagan won't be sitting on the bench for most of her first day.

Officials say because of Kagan's past work as a Solicitor General, she will have to step down from a number of cases she was involved in.

So far she's removed herself from 25 of the 51 cases set, including the controversial immigration law in Arizona to employment discrimination cases.

While Kagan isn't expected to change the balance of the court some believe she could change the dynamics.

"We can see her starting to build coalitions and try to bring over some of the more conservative justices especially that key swing vote, that man in the middle, Justice Kennedy," Jan Crawford said.

The court will likely add another 20 to 30 cases to its workload before the term wraps up in June.