Explosion Causes Confusion But Was Legal

Newschannel 6 continues to look for answers about a reported explosion that happened over the weekend near Kamay.
Saturday night, residents called 911 saying they heard a loud blast.
Our cameras were on the scene as deputies combed the area to sort things out.
Investigators say it was something called a "reactive target". It was perfectly legal.
When deputies got on scene they found 10 people behind a home there.
They had put the reactive target into an old jet ski and shot it.
It blew up and caused the jet ski to explode as well.
The group had permission to be on the property and permission to demolish the jet ski. There was no criminal element to this explosion.
Deputy Melvin Joyner says the only thing the group should have done differently is give folks a heads up.

"They might have tried to notify the nearest neighbor letting them know what they were going to do, so that it wouldn't have caused the commotion that it caused," said Deputy Joyner.

Joyner says one of the ten people in the group was arrested for an outstanding traffic warrant and had nothing to do with the explosion.