New Details Uncovered About Crash-Manhunt Driver

Newschannel 6 continues to learn more about the history of a driver who led Texoma Law Enforcement on an 5-hour manhunt.

It all started when Troopers say Dustin Wayne Wiest, 26, Byers, crashed his Dodge pick-up on the Archer City Highway near Lakeside City Friday morning." We don't know if he was disoriented or if he left for a specific reason," said Trooper Greg Sullivan. Sullivan says they are investigating to see if alcohol played a factor in the crash. Troopers told Newschannel 6 they believe Wiest may have been drinking, which could be why he ran.

Scent-specific bloodhound dogs from the Allred Unit tracked Wiest, and about 1:00pm he was found hurt, but coherent several hundred yards from the crash. Wiest was taken to the hospital and later released, but the investigation continues.

"We're still looking at what we found in the vehicle and what we found in the area charges will be pending depending on what we find at the hospital ... Around the vehicle, there were some alcohol containers found and were not saying he was but were not going to rule it out either," said Sullivan. United Regional Hospital says Wiest was released from their care Friday.

A police report from March 28, 2009 says that Wiest was driving north on Bridwell in Wichita Falls when he swerved to miss a parked car. In doing so, he ran into a house. The report goes on to say he then backed into the car he tried to miss, twice. Then, he somehow wound up crashing into yet another wall of the same house. Wichita County Court At Law #1 Records show Wiest was arrested and pleaded guilty or No Contest to DWI in the 2009 wreck.

89th District Court Records show the crash in 2009 is currently the subject of a civil suit against Wiest.

To view a copy of the Wichita Falls Police Department report from the 2009 wreck, click on the link to the upper left.

 Paul Harrop, NewsChannel 6