Texomans Fight for Wichita Falls Mail Processing Center

The Wichita Falls Mail Processing Center has been a hot topic recently after news that the center might be closing. This would put many people out of a job and outsource Texoma's local mail duties to Ft. Worth.

Barry Levy, Wichita Fall's P.I.O. says the city's website has already received about 330 comments against closing the Mail Processing Annex. The city even received a petition from the residents of Presbyterian Manor with 95 signatures to keep the center open.

"It just doesn't seem like it's convenient and thinking about the people in the city when they're doing that," said Marilyn Soares, a Texoma resident.

Their stance about keeping or closing the Mail Processing Annex was unanimous across the table.

"They need to voice their opinion so we don't lose something we already have," said Diana Foretich.

"It would have an effect on me also I mean I wouldn't be getting mail from a block away and we're talking about days or a week rather than a day or two," said Soares.

"Yeah well they think they're saving money when they're not they're going to lose money when they put people out of work," said Jack Riddle, Texomans Resident.

"70 may not sound like a lot, but 70 people is 70 people and that means 70 people without a job not being able to participate in buying the things that's going to help our economy keep going," said Soares.

Mayor Barham encourages Texoma to continue sending their opinions about the postal center, he says more comments can lead to a better outcome.

"We will forward all the email and petitions to the Ft Worth office that way they'll get our input and then we'll have to wait and see what happens. The ball will be in their lap. It'll be in the manager of the region there in Ft Worth that will make the ultimate decision," said Mayor Glenn Barham.

Now if the center were to close, this would effect everyone with the zip code whose digits start with 7-6-3. This is anywhere from Henrietta to Vernon.

The city website will allow Texoma's to submit their opinions until 5 PM October 5th.

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel Six.