Councilors Send Dog Park to 4B Sales Tax Board

The Wichita Falls City Council has given the first seal of approval to an off leash dog park in Wichita Falls.

Councilors endorsed the application that would allocate $10,000 for a dog park at Lake Wichita Park.  The request now goes to the 4B sales tax board for final approval.

The 4B sales tax board will set up a meeting in the coming weeks to say yes or no to the request.

Councilors estimate the long term cost at $42,000. That money would include benches and a drinking fountain.

Jack Murphy with the Parks and Rec Department says the money would also be used to continue the fencing that's already in place that would in turn create two separate dog enclosures.

"One for large dogs another for small dogs each of those areas would have a double gate entry and the last element would be improvements to the existing irrigation system," said Murphy.

Members of a 1,600-strong facebook group for the park are hoping this is one of the last steps in their long and tedious campaign.

Manuel Borrego and his brother Alex are both proud owners of two German Sheppards,
Rex and King.

"He is basically my best friend.  I couldn't imagine having any other dogs," said Alex Borrego.

"He is definitely the best dog I ever had," said brother Manuel Borrego.

After years of discussions in the Borrego household about not having enough backyard space for their dogs, they wanted to take steps toward creating a city dog park.

"We want to give our dogs somewhere better to run, a bigger place, more friends to associate
with," said Manuel.

They started the facebook group, and are now close to seeing this dream become a reality.

If the park is not approved both brothers say they're not going to give up.

"We're gonna try to get more people involved.  Maybe when times aren't so bad the city has a little extra money that we could use, then we'll try again," said Alex.