National Night Out in Texoma

October 5th is National night Out in Texas,an  annual event that's been going on for 27 years to help prevent crime. National Night Out, NNO,  is a celebration to foster communication in neighborhoods and to stop crime.

At Sheppard Air Force Base, the D.A. program along with the crime fighting dog Scruff Mc gruff will raise drug prevention awareness. The fire department will also be there to offer advice on fire safety

"The fire department is bringing out their new toy which is going to teach them kitchen safety," said Tina McCausey, Asset. Manager, Balfour Beatty Comm.- SAFB

"It's a chance for us to be able to get out here and talk to folks about fire safety the dangers of the fire and its a tool for adults," said Hal Mclelland, Fire Department, Sheppard AFB.

Neighbors are joining together with the same goal in mind, prevent crime from happening within their community. Wichita Falls Police Officer Brandy Young says you can't do that unless you know who your neighbors are.

[CG :2 LINE CGBRANDY YOUNGOfficer, Wichita Falls Police Dept.]

"Getting to know your neighbors is the big thing. Getting to know them and being able to watch each others properties especially while on vacation , or while you're at work because you've got neighbors that are staying home during the day. They can keep an eye on the neighborhood at that point, but its mainly just getting to know neighbors. the better you know your neighbors the better off you are," said Officer Young, WFPD.

Community is the main theme at this years celebration, learning together and putting that knowledge towards one goal-stop crime from happening.

"To get a sense of community and safety within their neighborhood to banter together and be a bigger part of the national night out in Texas," said McCuasey.@

This is the 27th annual National Night Out in the US, however this is Sheppard's 2nd year celebrating the event and its only gaining momentum.

"It's bigger this year and we hope to make it bigger each year," said McCuasey.@

Only 9  neighborhood crime watch groups participate in this event in Wichita Falls.

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel 6