Burkburnett City Manager Resigns

In exactly 30 days the City of Burkburnett will be without a city manager.  This comes after city manager Mike Slye sent out a formal e-mail to city leaders stating his resignation.

Slye will be leaving for another position.  He accepted the position of Town Manager of Trophy Club, Texas.  About a months ago we told you that he was a finalist for that seat, but it was given to someone else.  Since then things have changed.

It was an email they didn't expect.

"It's a shock," said Burkburnett Councilman Raymond Holland.  "Most of the council that I spoke with have said, where do we go from here?"

Just before 11 this morning, councilors checked their inbox to find an email.  It was a letter of resignation from Burk City Manager Mike Slye.  In it he expresses his excitement for a new opportunity ahead of him.  It's one that will move him closer to his family and that will lead to a tedious search for his replacement.

"We could have Mr. Slye replaced within a couple of weeks.  We could have him replaced in a couple of months.  The thing is we're not going to get in a hurry, we're going to do what we can for the people of the city," said Holland.

As of now they have no replacements in mind and no interim city manger on their list.  Holland says there's no reason for residents to worry about the road ahead.

"We have very confident people at city hall.  They all work together as a team.  During a tough time they can pull together and they'll do what's needed," he said.

Slye has served as city manager for more than a decade, and the city only wishes him the best.

"I hope it's something he enjoys, we're gonna miss him.  He's been a great asset to the city."

Monday October 11 council will hold a special meeting to discuss the selection and process of a new city manager.

Trophy Club is located 20 miles northeast of Fort Worth with about 7,800 residents.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6