Burk Neighborhood on the Rise

Residents of one run down neighborhood in Burkburnett said the area looks better than it has in years. And they credit the work of one man for much of the changes.

Bill Bunton has been buying and cleaning property between 5th and 7th Streets in Burk for over two years. He owns 24 lots which he bought through tax auctions.

Residents of the neighborhood said it's been running down for years. Properties have been neglected and, according to folks who live there, people from outside the area have been using it as a dump.

Bunton has been clearing away overgrowth and removing trash from above and below ground. Residents said the difference is like night and day.

"People in this neighborhood has completely decided that it is worth living in this area," said resident Howard Locklin.

Bunton said he has no real plans for the property. He said he's really just doing this to help the people who live there.  He even freely offers the lots to people in the area who may need them. He won't, however, give or sell them to anyone who wants to profit from them.

Members of the Providence Baptist Church plan to honor Bunton Sunday. They will present him with a gift at the 11 a.m. service.

Tim Barnosky, Newschannel 6.