Bill Clinton Speaks In Haiti

A former U.S. president met with a U.N. envoy in Haiti to assess the nation's rebuilding process. Bill Clinton met with Haiti's prime minister in light of recent criticism that the money pledged to the country was not getting through.

Haiti was hit by an earthquake in January that killed 300,000 people. Tens of thousands of people remain in tents around the cities, but the prime minister says key problems were being tackled such as health, housing and education.

"I feel good about where we are, but I agree with the prime minister. We are going to now move to be much more strategic and emphasize the areas of greatest needs: the housing, the rubble removal, the jobs," said former President Bill Clinton

About $460 million dollars of the $777 million dollar projects have been funded. At a meeting in New York donors pledged $11 billion more than originally announced for Haiti's reconstruction over the next 10 years.