Texoma Festival To Raise Money For Clinic & First Responders

A Texoma community is in desperate need of some potentially life-saving services.

In an effort to bring back the medical clinic and provide emergency responders with adequate equipment, residents in the Grandfield area are coming together to throw a fun festival fundraiser.

Newschannel 6 Lindsey Rogers reports on how the Big Pasture Music Festival plans to raise big money for Texomans in need.

Because of loss of funding, in April, the Grandfield Medical Clinic was forced to shut its doors.

Four jobs were lost including the local physician.

"Having a doctor locally here. I can't describe to you how much dependent we are on that sort of physical help," festival organizer Rory Witt said.

Without these health professionals in the community, residents are suffering.

"The disabled, elderly and underprivileged are now having to hitchhike to Wichita Falls or Lawton to get medical care and it's just a travesty it's closed," Witt said.

$20,000 must be raised in order to reopen the clinic.

In addition to that, another $10,900 is needed to buy the Grandfield first responders new radios.

"If they were in a fire and the building fell down on them they don't have any way to communicate with the outside and that could wind up being very dangerous situation. So, that money is needed as well for the ambulance and fire department," Witt said.

The emergency services respond to all the folks in Cotton and Tillman counties and the southwest portion of Comanche County.

"So, it's not just a city. It's several communities that are all dependent on ambulance service, our route goes all the way to Waurika and so it covers a very large area," Witt said.

In order to make sure all who live in the area are properly cared for, organizers are throwing the first ever Big Pasture Music Festival and Chili Cook Off.

Witt said it's taking about 50 volunteers to put on the big show and they hope to make it an annual event.

The goal for this year is to draw a crowd of at least 3,000.

"People attending this, it's going to be a blast and really help save some lives," Witt said.

The Big Pasture Music Festival and Chili Cook off start Saturday at noon in Grandfield.

To see the band line up, get directions and ticket prices and locations click here.

Lindsey Rogers, Newschannel  6