Flaming Faucets Ignite Lawsuit

There may be some answers tonight as to what caused a Texoma family's tap water to ignite in flames. In a suit filed in Montague County, Stephen Brock claims a well owned by Jack Grace Production Company of Wichita Falls polluted his water well. The suit says his tap water was a flammable mixture containing Methane Gas.

Brock recounts seeing a film on a similar situation, prompting him to investigate his own problems. "He lit it on fire. I was like, Woah! I wonder if mine...I'm gonna try that, you know."

Brock held a lighter under his running water, and saw flames. The whole situation had him nervous. "I feel like I'm sittin' on a bomb with gas in my lines, because if I get a good enough gas pocket there in that water heater, it can ignite and blow half my house up."

He called the Texas Railroad Commission. They came out to investigate and gave him troubling advice. "..Told me not to use the water, don't take baths in it." Brock was forced to drive to his Mother-In-Law's home to shower.

Methane was found in the well, water and water heater, but that is not the only contaminate. The suit Claims independent investigators found  a slew of contaminants including Magnesium, Arsenic, Barium and Mercury. The suit cites a citation from the TRC that said the nearby oil well was in violation of groundwater pollution rules. The toxins have Brock worried. "Your family's health and your health is a lot more important than working for an oil company that wants to destroy your environment and your family's health."

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Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6