Check Scam Scare in Texoma

A new scam has surfaced in Texoma and everyone is a target. The person who reported this scam to police is one of Texoma law enforcement's top brass.

"This one actually came to our chief of police who is Chief Bachman. Obviously he saw it, he recognized it as a scam right away and just wanted to get the information out to the public to just be careful," said Harold McClure, Officer, WFPD.

When you open the mail the last thing you ever expect to see is a $3800 check with your name on it.  That's what Wichita Falls Police Chief Dennis Bachman thought when he opened a letter claiming he was the winner of a $125,000 lottery. However there is a catch, the sender wanted Chief Bachman to send in a $2000 check to cover the taxes.

"When you first look at it you think hey they're already sending me money so this must be legit so you send off your good check to cover the taxes and by the time you realize the check they sent you is a bad check they already have your money," said Officer McClure.

However, there's another way to avoid the scam all together, and it starts when you make the trip out to your mail box.

"Take a look at your mail. This particular one that came in had no return address and that should be a red flag. Typically if they are a legitimate business they are going to have that return address," said Officer McClure.

The letter Chief Bachman received didn't have a return address and the postage was unclear, but when it comes down to it, its always good to remember:

"If it's too good to be true it probably is just use a little common sense and wisdom," said Officer McClure.

The Better Business Bureau said  they are familiar with similar scams, however they haven't received any complaints about this particular scam. They do ask that if you get one of these phony checks in the mail to notify them so they can get the warning out to others.

For more tips about how to avoid falling victim of a scam you can visit the BBB's web site at: