New Information On The Flaming Faucets Lawsuit

Just one day after Newschannel 6 obtained a lawsuit surrounding the flaming faucets in Montague County we're learning more about that complaint.

We first told you in July a Montague County man found flammable gas coming out of his kitchen faucet.

Then Thursday we showed you the man's lawsuit against a Wichita Falls company he says caused the problem.

Friday afternoon we have new information from the Texas Rail Road Commission.
In the original complaint of the lawsuit, a citation from the RRC is cited.
The Rail Road Commission says it did not issue a citation, but rather a notice.
The notice is that the commission may initiate clean-up of the sight.
A copy of the letter obtained by Newschannel 6 says, "this facility threatens to pollute or is polluting surface or sub surface water a violation of statewide rule 8."
Newschannel 6 reached out to the Jack Grace Production Company, the defendant in the suit.
They declined to comment.