Bringing Back High School Football Glory Days

Reported by: Adam Ostrow

Friday night football is a staple of life here in Texoma, though for some, it ends far too soon.

But for high school alumni around Texoma, there can still be one more game. A company called Alumni Football USA is putting on alumni football games around the country and they've come to Texoma.

"A lot of us weren't ready to be done whenever our seasons were over in high school," said Corey Sikes."

Corey Sikes was a member of the Iowa Park back to back regional finalists in 2004 and 2005. Now he has a chance to get out there again.
"Well of course, most of us are out of shape, so just trying to get back into the groove of things, that way we don't pull a hammy or you know, get a major injury out on the field."

Aaron Duran is the starting safety for the Hawks' Alumni team, but he also takes snaps as the back-up quarterback. He says there are players of all ages out there.

"We've got a range out here from 40-year-olds to people who graduated last year, so who knows what's going to happen out there," said Duran.

One alum who won't be out on the field will instead be on the sidelines.

Jared Sanders has a medical condition that won't let him play football, so instead he's using the chance to get some experience coaching.
"I would love to play, but I can't," said Sanders. "Medical reasons, but otherwise I would. I've always wanted to be a coach, and I just love coaching, and this is a perfect opportunity for me to try to get my name out there and kinda help the team out."

The Hawks aren't matched up with one of their traditional rivals like Burkburnett or Vernon, instead they're facing Wichita Falls High School. But Sikes says there's still a history there...

"My junior year we beat Old High on their homecoming, and they returned the favor to us my senior year, they beat us on our homecoming, so as far as my experience goes, it's one-and-one," said Sikes.

They'll get their chance to make up for it on October 17th at Memorial Stadium when the Hawks and Coyotes cap off a triple-header of games that also features Olney facing Holliday and Burkburnett facing Hirschi.