Church Sermon Sparks Protest

For the second Sunday in a row, protestors gathered outside a Texoma church.  About a dozen showed up at the Iowa Park Church of Christ sanctuary with signs in hand to show outrage against a month long seminar that speaks about the dangers of Islam.

Not only are Muslims concerned about the message, but others alike.  They feel these sermons send the wrong message about the Islam religion, but the pastor addressing his congregation says he feels the need to tell people what he believes the Quran teaches.

Police cars were on sight ready to break a fight if one occurred, but there were none,
instead only arguments.

"All it's going to take to kill someone is some crazy person from your church because they think that Muslims are violent because they're hateful by definition.  That's what we're protesting," said protester Nathan Jun.

Bill Lockwood the preacher of the church is on week two of a five week long lecture that warns people about the dangers of Islam.  This week's message is 'Sin and Salvation'.

"I'm showing the Bible's inspired word of God to in contrast to a book that was written by
uninspired men.  We're just explaining that contrast and showing  the characters of the book are completely different," said Iowa Park Church of Christ Pastor Bill Lockwood.

Nathan Jun was one of a dozen protesters who came to show their support for the Muslim community.

"Mr. Lockwood is attempting to paint a very complicated and historically rich world religion
which has 1.5 billion adherents with a very broad brush, which is the definition of bigotry," said Jun.

To demonstrate against his sermon men and women held signs, some with strong words, others written with messages of compassion and unity.

"We need to get rid of all this hostility and hatred we feel towards one another because we should all be brothers and sisters at this time," said protester Judy Lujan.

Lockwood said he'd be happy if the protestors wanted to come inside his church and listen.  They refused saying they knew the message he would preach and it's not one they wanted to hear.

Next Sunday Iowa Park will see yet another group of protestors, some new, some old, but they all have one goal in mind, to show people that the Quran is not a book of violence but of love.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6.