Broadband Making its Way to Rural Texoma

A federal stimulus project is gaining momentum in Texoma. A groundbreaking ceremony held today in Burkburnett is the first step toward creating hundreds of jobs and bringing broadband access to rural Texoma.

"These networks are going to serve these communities for the next hundred years," said Brad Worthington, President & COO, NTS Communications.

Pride Network recently received three loan and grant combinations through the US Department of Agriculture. Pride Network is joining forces with NTS Communications to build the infrastructure needed to support broadband technology in Burkburnett, Iowa Park and Wichita Falls.

"The initial construction phase of this project we're estimating about 400 jobs for the total course of construction," said Worthington.

The $20 million project is expected to take 3 years and officials say the 100 megabits per second service will do more than just give your Internet connection high-speed capabilities. Officials say it will spawn job growth and will help rural communities improve healthcare and educational services.

"This community with the next generation fiber optics premise product they'll be competitive with anyone on the planet literally the new York's of the world the Los Angeles of the world the Tokyo's of the world," said Worthington.

Once construction is finished the permanent count of employment will drop down to 20 jobs,but officials expect the number to grow by hundreds as the service expands.

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Samantha Jordán, Newschannel 6.