Burkburnett Appoints Interim City Manager

The search begins for a new City Manager, and now Burkburnett is one step closer to replacing current Manager Mike Slye.

Monday, Commissioners appointed an interim manager effective November 6.  That position will go to Don Ives, the Director of Administration.

As far as a permanent replacement, that has yet to be determined.

Commissioners voted unanimously for the hiring of an outside firm to look for the new city manager.

This comes after Mike Slye formally sent an email stating his resignation.  In that email he expressed his excitement for a new position as City Manager of Trophy Cub, Texas.

That's about 20 miles northeast of Fort Worth.  His resignation will take effect November 5.  The following day Don Ives will take over as interim.

"We find Mr. Ives to be qualified.  He holds in essence the number two job in the city right now.  He's very well qualified and we feel comfortable for him to be interim city manager," said Burkburnett Mayor, Carl Law.

It may be weeks or months before the city appoints a permanent city manager.

Slye was one of three finalists for the Trophy Club City Manager position.  The job was then given to someone else.  Since then, things have changed and Slye was offered the job.