War Over War Game

Right now a controversial video game is on store shelves. "Medal of Honor Tier 1" was released at midnight. Game makers originally designed it where players can act as the Taliban in Afghanistan. That started a fire storm and the makers later changed it up a bit, still players can control characters that are out to kill Americans.

Many people are disgusted with the idea of the game. This is the latest in the series of MOH games. Its what is called a 1st-person shooter. While games like this are nothing new, having control of characters that are out to kill US Troops does not sit well with people in Texoma.

"I definitely think they're going way too far.", said Sharley Martinez.

"I think its wrong to have a game like that, especially for kids.", said David Reed

Part of the virtual reality, is something that all-too-real for some folks. The ability to be part of the 'opfor', or opposing forces, designed after and originally planned to be called the Taliban.

"Our generation now has really gone overboard on the kinds of games they play." Reed is worried his nephews might get the wrong message. "I think its wrong to have a video game like that, where you can be the Taliban going and killing someone from the US. It just gives them the wrong idea, who's the good guy and who's the bad guy."

Martinez is also upset "I think its just promoting violence against your country I mean, you're selling it in our country and it's just promoting going after us." Martinez already sees her kids attitudes influenced by media and is afraid this game would make it worse. "As far as young people getting in there and doing that and getting excited by it, I mean I just don't see it being a good deal."

The game's maker, Electronic Arts, consulted with Special Forces Troops to make this game a real as possible. Reviewers say come pretty close to looking life-like. However, with the ability to hunt down Americans, some wonder if that push for reality went too far.

Electronic Arts says they plan to make donations to military charities.

If you would like to take a look at more footage of the game-play, click on the links to the upper left.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6