Texoma Business Owners Fight Back

Hundreds of businesses in Texoma are making great efforts to ensure your safety. Two of those businesses were certified through the Wichita Falls Police Department's Crime Free Program Tuesday.

They're leveling out the playing field with criminals and are teaming up with the police department to make sure safety is the new item in stores. It all starts by focusing on the criminals.

"The whole concept that we're trying to get across to the businesses is creating a fish bowl environment to for the criminal, we want the criminal to feel like as soon as he walks into the business that he's on display," said Ofc. Harold McClure, WFPD.

Tuesday, Upscale Resale was one of the first to become inducted into the Crime Free Business Program, motivated to fight back after being victimized in August.

"We were the victims of being robbed and assaulted and just felt like it was a good thing to do to make our store safe and our customers safe," said Dodie Robey, owner of Upscale Resale.

Their neighbors across the street decided to jump on the safety bandwagon as well. Call Field Stop manager Cathy Mooney expressed her feelings about the importance of being part of this program.

"We want our town to be safe and secure so if we don't all participate we wont have it," said Mooney.

In order for owners to have a certified crime free business, officers go in and evaluate security at each individual location.  They'll make a security check-list for owners with improvements ranging from adding security lights in parking lots to how employees handle cash in front of the customer. The business can take however long it needs to complete the checklist---once improvements are made the business can be certified as crime-free.

"Bottom line is a crime free business is going to be a profitable business," said Ofc. McClure.

The Wichita Falls Police Department is willing to come out to your business and help you get on track to becoming a certified crime free business.

For that information go to their website  http://www.cwftx.net/index.aspx?nid=1228.

Samantha Jordán, Newchannel 6