EXCLUSIVE: Hearing-Impared Child Hit By Car Speaks Out

Autumn Boff, 12,  is bumped and bruised but okay for the most part. She was hit by a car Tuesday while trying to cross Southwest Parkway near Barnett Rd.

Her mom, Orrilea Boff recounts being told of the crash. "I was called by the school and told there had been an accident that my daughter had left school and was hit by a car... When I got on the scene, I realized it was potentially real serious... She was laying face down, had the blood coming from her mouth and nose, was looking so still. It was very frightening"

Autumn says she looked, but did not see the car until it hit her. "The car hit me... I didn't see it." Unlike many people, Autumn can't hear cars approaching. She is Deaf.

"I was very scared when the car hit me.", said Autumn. Orrilea remembers the moment when she knew it was going to be okay. "I signed to her and said 'are you OK' and she nodded and at that point I knew she was aware and awake."

Autumn has a bruised body and a black eye, and is getting around on crutches. All-in-all her mom says she's lucky. Still, they hope drivers will pay special attention and realize not everyone can hear them coming. "Its not obvious that autumn couldn't hear she would fit in any setting, but walking down the street you're not going to say 'Oh! There's a disabled person'." Autumn also hopes drivers will take care. "...To be careful and look out so people wont get hurt.", she said.

The Boffs also think more signs to alert drivers to hearing impaired pedestrians would help save lives.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6