Special Teams: Booster Club

On the field, a high school football player may need a push or a pull.  But off the field, sometimes all the team needs is a boost. Of course, there is a group of parents and supporters that does just that.

The Iowa Park Booster Club isn't the most visible special team.  You might not even know a Booster Club member if you saw one at the game.  But their work and influence is something the football team -- and therefore the fans -- feel throughout the season.

"The main reason is to give back to our youth.  We want to build pride within our program," said Booster Club Vice President Dana Ross.

Let's take a look at the boosters' weekly schedule during football season:

Monday night is the weekly meeting.

Wednesday, several parents decorate the locker room, complete with goody bags for the players.

On game day, you'll likely see the programs they make, or buy Hawk paraphernalia from the club's trailer.  In regards to their crazy calendar, Ross puts it best:

"I just think there's a lot of effort that goes into this program behind the scenes that a lot of people probably don't know about," she said.

And football is just one of at least seven sports that benefit from the boosters.  Member Clifton McFadden was helping with concessions at a volleyball game earlier this week.

"To be involved in the school's activities in both the boys and girls sports and be able to have a say in what transpires," he said.

The Booster Club not only raises money; McFadden says it helps build the character of the students.  Head Coach Scott Ponder appreciates the sense of community support.

"They wanna give these kids an opportunity to have fun and to make their experience a little bit better," he said.

"These guys are great about comin' up and giving us hugs and telling us 'thank you' for the things that we do," Ross said.

It may not put points on the scoreboard, but this special team just might be the proudest when the football team does.

The Iowa Park Athletic Boosters have a Facebook page, where they post game times, locations, and even directions to other schools.  It also has information about upcoming booster activities.  A link to that page is provided for you here.

Spencer Blake, Newschannel 6