Calle Ocho Filling the Streets of Downtown

Portions of Wichita Falls Downtown will  be blocked off Saturday, first ever Calle Ocho festival.

The Zavala Hispanic Cultural Initiative organization is teaming up with the Downtown Wichita Falls Development organization. The festival falls on the last day of National Hispanic Heritage Month and you can help it go out with a bang.

Event organizers say it's going to be entertaining, educational but most of all fun.

"Our goal for Zavala is to empower Hispanics in the community at the same time sharing our culture with the community of Wichita Falls so this is a fun way we can do that," said Teresa Ramos, Co-Chair, Zavala National Heritage Initiative.

But they aren't doing it alone, Ramos along with other members of Zavala sought help from the Downtown Wichita Falls Development organization. For Ramos it doesn't matter who you are,  or where you come from- at the end of the day we're all one community.

"It's important to come out just to number one support Downtown Wichita Falls we are part of the community regardless of your ethnicity we are part of Wichita Falls and one of the things we need to do it support downtown and then just to come out to have a good time, said Ramos.

"It'll benefit the community as a whole because we are going to open this up to everyone in the community its not just geared towards Latinos here in Wichita Falls its geared towards the whole community," said Paul Rodriguez, Co-Chair, Calle Ocho.

And Cynthia Laney, Executive Director of the Downtown Wichita Falls Development organization knew this event would be more than just a party for the community- it would be a way to bridge communities together.

"It's two folds one its getting them more attention number two it helping us reach out not only to the Hispanic community but also to bring the other part of our community into the Hispanic heritage and see how they contribute to our city, our state and our nation," said Cynthia Laney,Executive Director, Downtown WF Development

The event will be held on 8th street and Ohio. Zavala is hoping to have at least 2500 people out.

Samantha Jordan, Newschannel Six

Calle Ocho
Saturday, October 16, 2010
11:30 A.M. to 8:30 P.M.
Admission- $10 for adults
                  Free for kids under 12

Tickets Available at: U.S. Cellular on Lawrence and Southwest Parkway, All United Supermarket Locations. El Norteno Restaurant, Iron Horse Pub, and MSU Clark Student Center, Multicultural Services.