Early Voting Underway, 6 Locations in Wichita County

The high profile governor's race in Texas drew a high voter turnout for the primaries back in March, but will it be the same come election time?

Staring Monday Texans can begin casting their ballots during a two week early voting period.

Wichita County has six locations and before 10 am most will be ready for those who want to be the first to make a difference.

There's no question the race for the governor's mansion has been a heated one and it will likely draw in millions of Texans to the polls, like Texoma veteran Michael Hood.

"Trough the years veterans went out and risked their lives to save a country and save the
world and save the nation," said Hood.

He plans on being one of the first in line to vote Monday morning, something Terry Davis
won't do until election day, but he will cast his ballot.

"It's our given right to vote and make our voice heard and that's the way that we can
do that," said Davis.

This is just an incredibly important right that we all have," said Elaine Bradshaw the Wichita County Democratic Chair.

Some voting locations will stay open even later to accommodate people.

"Home Depot this week and Sikes Senter will both be open from 10-7 and the final week
of voting they'll be open from 9-9," she said.

Election officials hope this year's early voting pulls in more than 11,000
ballots, that's the number of early voters back in the last governor's race in 2006.

"It's a really important year to vote for a number of issues, redistricting is one," said Bradshaw.

There are several state and local races on the ballot.  In Wichita and Archer Counties--voters will be picking a new state representative.

If you decide to early vote, you will be able to cast your ballot at any voting location, but if you wait until election day you will only be able to vote in your precinct.

Early voting ends October 29.  Election day is November 2.  Click here for voting times and locations.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6.