Sheppard AFB Troops back from Afghanistan

Today a group of Sheppard troops were greeted by cheers from familiar faces as they walked into the Wichita Falls Municipal Airport. Two planes arrived with 12 Sheppard Air Force Base troops.

The excitement and tears in the airport were overwhelming. Newschannel 6 stood along side friends, families and members of the community as they anxiously awaited the arrival of their loved ones.

Thirteen men and women deployed to Bargam, Afghanistan April 4th of this year. Family members from far and near came to welcome their loved ones, but they weren't the only ones there. Members of the Patriot Guard Riders in Wichita Falls expressed why they think it's important for the entire community to support the troops.

"It's just important for those people to know that we're behind them that everybody's behind them and even if you don't necessary agree with the war or politics this isn't about politics this is about what they do for us," said Mike Johnson, Captain, Patriot Guard Riders.

"We just want to welcome these young men and women and let them know that they're doing a fine job out there protecting our freedom," said Ted Foster, Captain, Patriot Guard Riders.

Families were reunited as troops walked in one by one and embraced their crowd.

"It's crazy its great, I can't put it in words really its unbelievable its just good to be home," said Amn. James Cheatham, Sheppard AFB.

They were only a few of thirteen troops deployed April 4th of this year to Bagram, Afghanistan. The Sheppard Air Force Base Security Force Squadron served 6 months in Bagram Air Base. While there--they were part of the largest attack against an Air Force guarded base since Vietnam.

"These kids they give up a lot leaving their families, their kids, their parents and to let people know that they appreciate them it means a lot to them,  I'm with them everyday and they just want to help people you think about them and stuff like that," said SSGT. Terrence Findley, Sheppard Air Force Base.

"They're very excited to be home a lot of them have their families here so everybody's just happy to be back," said Maj. Joe Wildman, Sheppard Air Force Base.

One member of from the Security Forces Squadron came home shortly after deployment because he was injured during the attack. The twelve other troops are safe and happy to be home.

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel Six