Gas Leak Prompts Quick Response

Everything is getting back to normal in Olney after a gas leak is fixed.  The leak did force Olney school officials to close off the west side of campus and re-route cars and buses.

City officials were working on replacing a water line when a worker struck the gas pipe.  The Olney Volunteer Fire Department responded and blocked off the street and closed off a school parking lot.  A fast response team led to no injuries.

Tape and road blocks surrounded a small portion near the west side of Olney ISD after a gas leak fumed near campus, and near Lane Burgess' home.

"Our house is where they busted that line, they already had everything in good shape," said Burgess.

Lucky for him the strongest of the fumes had already dissipated before he got home thanks to the wind.  The leak started around 2:30 pm but because school officials felt there wasn't a threat no one was evacuated and classes resumed as normal except for a few minor changes.

"We dismissed our students to the east as opposed to the west.  We did close off a parking lot
west of the campus as a precautionary measure," said Superintendent Tom Bailey.

The city administrator tells News Channel 6 Atmos, the gas company, shut off the leak very quickly but some repair work still remains.

"They will do some repair work and replace that section of the line that was broken to get it all
back to regulation," said City Administrator, Danny Parker.

The fumes still linger near Burgess' home, though it's not a problem for him.

"Just another day here in this part of the world."

That street will be closed off tomorrow morning and may re-open later in the day.  For students tomorrow will be a normal school day.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6.