Texoma Student Recovering from Stroke

An Archer City teenager is recovering at Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth after suffering a stroke on the football field.

One week ago, Adam Smith was at practice when he suddenly collapsed. His dad, the Athletic Director of the Archer City Independent School District, was also on the field.

Adam suffered a cerebellar stroke affecting the cerebellum, the area of the brain that controls balance and movement.

Local doctors called specialists who made a risky call to give Adam a drug, not approved for children, that could potentially save or seriously damage his life.

"We really started praying, " explains Archer City Junior High and High School Principle Vance Morris.

Doctors recommended the tPA treatment which prevents blood clots from forming in the brain. Mrs. Smith said less than 3 hours after Adam collapsed, the tPA jump started his miraculous road to recovery.

"God must have been shining over Adam," she said.

As of Tuesday, half of Adam's body is paralyzed. He can now sit up, read messages, and even can eat foods like jell-O and soup.

Although his recovery is promising, his friends can't wait for the teen to come back home and are even sending video messages to him.

One way friends and loved ones can communicate with Adam is through Care Pages, an online forum that allows users to send messages to Adam while giving his parents a chance to share his progress.

Click here to visit Adam's section of carepages.com

Adam's friends also helped to organize a Powder puff game in which all proceeds will go directly to the Smith family. The game is Thursday at Wildcat Stadium at 7 PM. Admission is $5.

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6