Governor Rick Perry Makes Campaign Stop in Wichita Falls

Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry is seeking an unprecedented third term.  Yet his bid for what he hopes is his next four year term won't be easy.

Democratic Bill White is close behind and to make sure he doesn't pull through with a win Perry is doing all he can to win support of voters and made a campaign stop right here in Wichita Falls.

He plans to sway voters with his experience and his fight against Washington politics.  He wants Washington out of state politics and will do whatever he can to allow the state to make our own choices.

In a cramped space full of supporters, Governor Rick Perry gave a speech that provoked cheers and applause.

In his hope to sway over votes Perry spoke of how job creation in Texas has been booming because of his leadership.

"Four out of five private sectors jobs created in the United States were created in Texas," said Perry.

He knows the state is seeing one of the worst financial downfalls under his administration with an estimated $18 billion short fall come January, to handle it, Perry says he plans to do exactly the same thing he did back in 2003.  That's when the state faced a $10 billion budget hole.

"I look at it as an opportunity to go through and let everybody prove up with what they're doing is called for, that it is a priority, and then we'll make our reductions as appropriate," said Perry.

Reductions he says that won't have a domino effect on other agencies, though many are already preparing for that loss.

"What I suspect is we will handle it just like in 2003 and the world will not come to an end," he said.

The Tea Party movement is growing across the nation and Perry says he continues
to have a working relationship with them.

"They're interested in people who will stand up and say listen we think governments gotten too big and we think they're spending too much money.  I can't find anything I disagree with on either one of those issues."

Perry's campaign stop in Wichita Falls comes amid controversy.  A memo came out Tuesday accusing him of pressuring staff of the Texas Teacher Retirement System to make investments to politically connected companies.  Perry has not responded to that accusation.

The latest poll taken before early voting shows Perry leading the way in the Texas gubernatorial race  Though it's very tight between him and Democrat Bill White.

Midterm Election 2010

48% Incumbent Rick Perry

42% Democrat Bill White

5% Libertarian Kathie Glass

1% Green Party Candidate Deb Shafto

3% Undecided

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