GED Program Expanding Throughout Texoma

In a time when a diploma means everything, more and more people without them are looking to GED's for that second chance.

To accommodate the need Region 9 is expanding its GED program to other counties and so far more than 50 students are on board.

Last year was the first year, it was more of a learning experience for Region 9.  Ninety-nine students received their GED last year and seven of those were through distance learning in other counties.  This year they're expecting many more graduates through their distance learning program that is expanding on a monthly basis.

It didn't take too much effort for the Electra Public Library to start up a GED program.

"I called Region 9 and said what do y'all have for GED's?

A few years later head librarian Terry Holbert helped start up a program that can easily change
the lives of those who enroll.

"Right now we only have two young men and they come in for a couple of hours in the morning when it's quieter," said Holbert.

The library offers them a computer to work on, a librarian to answer any questions they have and most importantly the chance to receive a GED that for one reason or another they wouldn't be able to get if they had to drive to Wichita Falls for the class.

"The purpose of the program is to really try to reach communities that we could not service through a traditional classroom due to numbers or sometimes time availability," said Octaviano Garza, Region 9 adult education coordinator.

Region 9 offers the service in five counties and eight cities through local partnerships in libraries, schools, and a church.  Anyone in those areas who want to get a better start on their career are now one step closer.

"Education and job training is key and if we're going to move forward or progress or even try to
find a job having a GED is crucial," said Garza.

"It's really a nice program and it's the time to get a GED because there's so many people out of work," said Holbert.

They both see it as a new beginning for the 54 students they're reaching through a computer, one they hope continues for years to come.

The Electra Public Library offers scholarships to take the test for the GED through a local church for those who complete the program through them. Other counties may do the same you'll just have to check with them.

For more information you can call Region 9 at 940-322-6928 or click here.