Olney on the Prowl for New Police Chief

The Olney Police Chief is calling quits.

Randall Davis has served as chief for more than two years, and last week he turned in his resignation.  Chief Davis says he'll be gone before October ends.

The city has already received fifteen applicants from all over the state and they expect more to come pouring in.

A drive down the streets of Olney bring Police Chief Davis down memory lane.

"I've worked with some talented individuals, I've enjoyed their support," said Chief Randall Davis.  "I think what I'm going to miss most is the people that I got to meet here," he said.

In about out a week Chief Davis will leave behind the city he came to back in 2008, it's a decision he wrestled with for years.

"As you get older your priorities change, and I would really like to get back to basics, what I got into the business for back in the beginning," he said.

That was more than 20 years ago when he started the ranks as a patrol officer.  That's what he misses, constant contact with people, though with his absence comes the search for his replacement.

"If we were lucky and found the right person right away it could take as little as 30 days it
could take as long as 60 days and maybe even possibly longer," said City Administrator Danny Parker.

To make the search a little easier it's likely an interim chief will take over next month until the
final replacement comes in.  Chief Davis says he knows he'll never get rich off money in this
profession but for him it's never been about money it's about changing lives.

"I don't know any other profession you would be in that got the reward system that this profession has."

He will take some time off away from the business, but he will be back, somewhere in Texas, he wanted to keep that to himself.

On Monday Olney city council will begin reviewing the applications they've received so far and sort through it to find the ones that fit the city the best.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6