Special Teams: Clean-up Crew

We know high school football games consist of several groups and organizations that make the atmosphere exciting during the game.

This week's special team takes care of business when the game is over.

Bottles, cups and napkins. There's more than a few of these icky items left behind after the game.

But when we stayed after to speak with the people who have to deal with the mess at Memorial Stadium, we didn't expect to see students.  Last week it was the Hirschi cheerleaders.

"They make money for picking' up the stands. Yeah, it's a fundraiser."

As it turns out, the WFISD maintenance department has been offering stadium cleanup to school groups for at least three years. Groups can sign up for Friday nights as early as June. They try not to schedule rival schools at the same time.

"It makes you pick up your own stuff when you're done. Yeah, it makes you think about it when you're sitting out here watching the game, too."

The groups can even clean up after MSU home games on Saturday. Parents say fans are encouraged to pick up after themselves quite frequently.

"They announce it every game. So does that help? No."

Aside from earning money, the fundraiser helps students better understand accountability.

"It teaches them responsibility. Maybe if they have to come out here and pick up, then they won't leave their own trash laying around."

Parents also say despite the grime, it's worth it to help the kids. These moms say that's the best part.

"Just being out here with the kids shows that we back 'em up, whatever they do."

Even though this special team doesn't put points on the scoreboard, you can count on them to put the garbage in the can.

District maintenance also says letting kids earn money by doing the clean up saves the department money because they don't have to pay employees near as much in overtime.

Spencer Blake. News channel six.