The UIL Adopts New Guidelines for Athletes in Texas

Parents can be sure Texoma districts are looking out for player safety. New concussion guidelines laid out by the university interscholastic league are set to begin next year.

"At my previous job we had done this for years so this is something that we will continue to do something that's already in place in our program and we're going to continue doing that," said Coach Scott Ponder, Iowa Park High School.

Coach Ponder is safety's number one fan. He says win or no win it's about making sure his players are ok.

"You know I think that's nothing to be taken lightly and that's something that as coaches and trainers we have to take every precautions," said Coach Ponder.

Current UIL guidelines allow athletes back on the field the same day as long as they show no symptoms for 15 minutes. However, new rules will require all athletes who experience any type of head injury, minor or severe, to sit out for the rest of the game.

"You got to take the time to give the kids a chance to heal and to be ready to go and sometimes the kids are feeling better and sometimes the kids can be thrown back into the game to soon, but that's not something we're going to do by any means," said Coach Ponder.

Coach ponder says under no circumstances are players allowed back on the field if they've suffered from a head injury. This football season only one player at Iowa Park High School has suffered from a concussion, that player sat out for a week until he was cleared by trainers and coaches.

"Our trainer will do a variety of tests and try to measure and evaluate the seriousness of the injury if they are still dazed or they don't meet his test you know they're done and they sit out the rest of the day," said Coach Ponder.

Newschannel Six spoke with coaches from Holliday and Electra about how they handle player concussions. Typically if a player suffers from a head injury they have to wait a week after their last symptoms before they can play again.

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel Six