Wichita Falls Vipers Host Team Tryouts

Reported by: Charlie Bartlett

It's been a dream year for the Wichita Falls Vipers

Last season, it was they're first year of existence. No one really knew how good they could be, but they showed us. They're the reigning Minor Professional Football League Champions, but it's back to phase one forming a new viper team.

"It's always good to do what we did last year, but we're on this year and we're trying to get ready for this year," said Vipers Head Coach Rick Taylor.

"Trying to get more talent from the Wichita Falls area and the surrounding areas to make us better so we can go try and win another championship," said Vipers Defensive Captain Brandon Minniefield.

"Turn around, build up another team, go back, repeat what we can do," said Vipers Linebacker Verdell Murphy.

They're looking for speed, strength, and passion. Head Coach Rick Taylor has plenty of potential to choose from.

"We mixed the veterans with the guys coming to try out because it makes it easier for the guys that are coming out to kind of adapt a little bit and when we're running drills or whatever we're doing," said Taylor.

"We're looking for agility, how we'll in shape they are. Right now, speed isn't a big issue because we'll get them to that point. We're looking for their athleticism and how well they know football," said Vipers Marketing Manager Rick Otto.

The Vipers expect many returning veterans back on the roster as well many new rookies.

"We all got to come put in hard work and try to keep our position because a lot of people can come in and take that spot if they work hard and earn it," said Minniefield.

"We expect to bring some new people in because you never know who can go down or whatever happens," said Murphy.

Since winning their first championship, they've seen an increase of interest. They believe the franchise will get bigger and better.

"Now that we've established ourselves in Wichita Falls and we've proven that we're a real minor league football team, the professionalism's come up, the excitements come up," said Otto.

The Vipers know they have a target on their back, but that's their motivation to win back to back championships.

"They know we play good football in Wichita Falls, so they'll be looking for us this year, but we'll just be mean as we were last year, we'll come out, we'll play, we'll compete and hopefully come out on top," said Taylor.

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