Dozens of Animals Seized in Newcastle

Newschannel 6 has uncovered new details about dogs and cats seized from a home in Newcastle. Kim Baxter with the Humane Society of Young County says the animals were living in filth. Baxter said the animals were malnourished and in poor health. The husband of the animals' owner, Bobby Fruedenstrung, says that isn't the case.

"The dogs were very healthy shape. They were clean, they were washed every week, they were fed every day, they were watered every day.", said Fruedenstrung. Baxter disagrees, "The one Cocker Spaniel is in desperate need of grooming, feces matted in his ears and in his feet. He is in very bad condition... Most of the dogs have skin irritations most of their problems were improper nutrition it wasn't that they weren't being fed, they were being fed food that was giving them the quality of nutrition they needed.", she said.

Frudenstrung says his home was a haven for strays. "My wife had a weak heart for stray animals, she liked to feed animals she's a good person and she was doing what she thought was right, you know? Only we have to pay the penalty for that.", he said. Baxter thinks the situation is part of a larger problem. "Hoarding, which is what I think this situation was - that is my opinion. Hoarders feel they are doing the best job, better than anyone else can and quite the opposite is usually true."

The animals were the subject of a search warrant served Friday. They are now being cared for in the Humane Society Shelter in Graham. There is a court hearing on Monday in Olney. A judge will decide what happens to the animals.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6