TXDOT Employee Numbers Decreasing in the WF District

TXDOT has 10% fewer maintenance crews then it did in 2009.

According to the TXDOT Wichita Falls District, they say despite fewer workers, it's not taking them longer to finish road work. Newschannel6 also found out they've been able to downsize without handing out a pink slip.

"Through attrition we have been able to knock our numbers from 259 in August 2009 and in just a year later we're down to 234 and in the next year we intend to go down to 221," said Adèle Lewis, PIO, TXDOT, Wichita Falls District.

According to Adèle Lewis the TXDOT Wichita Falls District has decreased by 25 workers since 2009, but she says they're not hurting. Their goal is to make the agency leaner, meaner and more efficient.

"All of our hiring's have been mainly internal in an effort to redirect certain employees to new job titles," said Lewis.

Along with job titles, the job responsibilities are also evolving.

"Maintenance supervisors who used to stay in the office are now running the crew out on the jobs and job titles are kind of expanding and we're doing stuff that maybe wasn't in the original plan in order to get the job done," said Lewis.

Despite the agency making efforts to downsize, Lewis says many employees had their own reasons for leaving.

"The employee chooses to leave the department for various reasons retirement, moving or better job, " said Lewis.

According to Lewis none of the 25 employees who left TXDOT received a pink slip. She says even though they expect to downsize more in 2011, they have no plans to let anyone go.

TXDOT  is evaluated every 10 to 12 years by the Sunset Review. It's a committee that looks at the agency from top to bottom by doing an internal audit. It's goal is to find a way to make the agency function more efficiently. The agency will undergo another review in 2011.

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel Six